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Braces For Adults

Updated: May 19

Braces are not just for children. Today, more and more adults are choosing to have their teeth straightened. If you are considering braces, you’ll be pleased to know there are more choices than ever before.


If you did not have orthodontic treatment when you were a child, you may have left certain problems untreated, like crooked teeth, a misaligned jaw or an under-bite. You may now be experiencing headaches, earaches and even tooth decay. But, the good news is that as an adult, you can get these problems corrected.


Discuss your concerns with your dentist during your regular check-up, and your dentist may recommend that you be evaluated by an orthodontist.

Or, book an assessment with an orthodontist directly – you won’t need a referral.

Your first consultation with the orthodontist will cover several areas, such as:

· What kinds of braces are available

· How braces can correct your problem

· How long you may need to wear braces

· When to schedule your appointments during treatment

· What the overall cost will be and how and when to make payments


Orthodontists often recommend metal braces for reliability purposes, but thanks to advancements in modern orthodontic technology, you now have other options. It’s best to discuss these with your orthodontist, but common types of braces for adults include:

· Metal braces – these are with high-grade steel and are attached to the front of the teeth. The brackets attached to the teeth can be uncomfortable at first as they can rub against the skin in the mouth. This generally only lasts for a few days while you become accustomed to the appliance.

· Lingual braces – also called concealed braces, these variants have brackets that are attached to the back of the teeth, hidden out of sight.

· Clear ceramic braces – these are worn similarly to the traditional braces and blend in with the colour of your teeth, making them less noticeable. However, these braces are known to break more easily than metal braces.

· Clear aligners – also known as Invisalign*, these are customised, clear and removable appliances that you can take out to eat, brush and floss so food has less of a chance to get stuck. Many adults prefer this option and it is ideal for mild spacing issues.

Book an orthodontic assessment at Fine Orthodontics to discuss the right treatment for you.


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Everything On-Site

Our NoFrownZone practice has everything on-site so you, or your child, can have all your orthodontic appointments right here in Queenstown.

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Latest Technology

At the NoFrownZone, our state-of-the-art digital technology allows us to plan your treatment more accurately, and provide a pleasant treatment experience. Digital technology offers greater precision resulting in faster treatment!

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Putting Patients First

Our practice offers a warm, friendly environment in which patients can relax and receive individually-focused treatment.

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Special Care for Kids

We have the knowledge and skills needed to treat the unique needs of growing children in an inviting and comfortable environment.


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