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Thanks to our flexible payment plans, your orthodontic treatment is now more affordable than ever before. We offer a range of options to suit your budget. Our handy payment plan facility means you can spread your payments over the duration of your treatment. It’s all part of our commitment to providing you with affordable orthodontic treatment. To find out more about our payment plans, please get in touch with our team or ask for more details during your  Orthodontic Assessment.



At Fine Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on using best-in-class 3D technology to ensure our patients receive accurate and highly customised treatment plans.


We use specialist software to view your 3D x-rays and assess your teeth and jaws from every angle. We also have an on-site 3D optical scanner that helps to create your digitally customised aligners or braces.


The ultra-comfortable scanning process means no more goopy, cold impressions; just enhanced precision for superior orthodontic treatment.


When you visit the surgery, you will see a computer next to the chair. This allows us to show you any photographs, charts and other information that is relevant during your visit.


If you would like to brush your teeth before seeing an orthodontist, we also have a brushing station available, specifically for this very purpose!



Let’s face it, in today's world, technology rules! But, to create your dream smile, technology on its own is not enough. You also need a knowledgeable orthodontist who understands the science behind your unique treatment.


Dr. Martin Fine has spent many years researching smile technology and breaking developments in the field. His interest in and commitment to art, science and technology has enabled the practice to create a fun, highly advanced environment for staff and patients alike.


At Fine Orthodontics, we’re proud of our commitment to technology, and we know it makes for a more comfortable and customised orthodontic experience with better outcomes for all our patients.

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At Fine Orthodontics, you can choose from the most advanced treatment options available. You will benefit from a variety of digitally enhanced technologies to bring you the straighter, brighter smile you have always wanted.



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3D Scanning

We’ve done away with messy moulds and impressions to bring you 3D scanning technology, complete with a camera wand that takes the required images in just a few seconds. Our scanning system is fast and efficient, improving your comfort.

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Customised Braces

Thanks to our digitally customised braces technology, you can see how your smile will look, before treatment even starts.

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Remote Monitoring

For treatment efficiency and your convenience, we offer remote monitoring, which means we know when your teeth are ready to adjust.

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Faster Treatments

Using technology to create precise and efficient movements, as well as our dental monitoring app to keep track of progress, allows us to shorten your overall treatment time.


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Everything On-Site

Our NoFrownZone practice has everything on-site so you, or your child, can have all your orthodontic appointments right here in Queenstown.

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Latest Technology

At the NoFrownZone, our state-of-the-art digital technology allows us to plan your treatment more accurately, and provide a pleasant treatment experience. Digital technology offers greater precision resulting in faster treatment!

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Putting Patients First

Our practice offers a warm, friendly environment in which patients can relax and receive individually-focused treatment.

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Special Care for Kids

We have the knowledge and skills needed to treat the unique needs of growing children in an inviting and comfortable environment.


Less than 5 min walk from Wakatipu High School


Shop 102-11, Dart House
Remarkables Park Town Centre
Hawthorne Drive
Queenstown 9300

(03) 555 2127     |     Email

Monday - Friday 9:30 a.m. till 5 p.m.

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