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Invisalign Remote Monitoring

Updated: May 19, 2023

Advances in technology are everywhere, from electric cars to Artificial Intelligence - even orthodontics. Our digitally customised treatment plans mean your treatment is now more comfortable and more efficient than ever before. Our Dental Monitoring app means our orthodontist can also track the progress of your treatment anywhere – at home, or on the go. Those regular 6 to 8 week check-ups are now a thing of the past. Especially if you’re using Invisalign* clear aligners to straighten your smile.


Monitoring the progress of your orthodontic solution and how your teeth are responding is an important aspect of regular treatment check-ups. Our dental monitoring app allows us to keep track of your progress remotely, with no need to make appointments or reschedule your busy day. The easy to use app allows us – and you – to monitor the movement of your teeth using images consistently uploaded via your smartphone.


Once your orthodontist has digitally created your custom treatment plan with braces or clear aligners, you will have an appointment to commence treatment. Following this, you’re set to download the app to your smartphone and begin digitally documenting your treatment progress. Simply take a photo of your teeth and upload it to the app. We’ll review the images and provide alerts if you need to take any further action. These alerts can include instructions on whether to move to the next clear aligner. Or, book an appointment for your orthodontist to make any adjustments. Having regular insight on the movement of your teeth means the team at Fine Orthodontics can keep your treatment progressing efficiently every day. As opposed to waiting the usual 6-8 weeks between orthodontic appointments.


The Dental Monitoring App not only saves the time required to visit the clinic. Using the app regularly means you could shave days or even weeks off your total treatment time. Invisalign* patients will receive almost instantaneous notifications to move to the next aligner set in the series. This can often occur days before a scheduled appointment if your teeth are responding well. Furthermore, by comparing your photos with the unique, digitised treatment plan, we can ensure the most accurate results.

Watching your smile change as your treatment progresses is another advantage. While daily changes may seem imperceptible, looking at a series of images will help you tp see just how quickly your teeth move. Now, this is definitely something to smile about!

To discuss your treatment options and our digital monitoring come in to the clinic by booking an assessment below.



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Everything On-Site

Our NoFrownZone practice has everything on-site so you, or your child, can have all your orthodontic appointments right here in Queenstown.

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Latest Technology

At the NoFrownZone, our state-of-the-art digital technology allows us to plan your treatment more accurately, and provide a pleasant treatment experience. Digital technology offers greater precision resulting in faster treatment!

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Putting Patients First

Our practice offers a warm, friendly environment in which patients can relax and receive individually-focused treatment.

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Special Care for Kids

We have the knowledge and skills needed to treat the unique needs of growing children in an inviting and comfortable environment.


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